Hallur brings out the Summer!

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At the end of the Gulfstream on Monday, June 3rd 2013, the new and much anticipated fourth album of country singer Hallur Joensen, locally labeled The King of Country, did hit the Faroese market.

And what a hit!

During the first week of release, the album already is counting to be the best seller ever of any cd released on the home market.

Titled “With Stars And Legends” the 13 song strong collection delivers just that. With exellence the Faroese King of Country Music duets with such stars and legends that one can only dream of. But the fairytale is concieved in Hallur’s own reality.

In this fourth release of Hallur, the international stars and legends gets to sing new material in their own language, but penned on Hallur’s home turf, the North Atlantic Faroe Islands. Across the sea Hallur is returning the same gold that half a century ago initiated the best loved music style of the Faroe Islands, country music.

At the core of true country music is the personal relationship with the audience. Because of this, Hallur has decided to travel the Faroe Islands from north to south to sign and present his new release, “With Stars And Legends” in June.

The new album “With Stars And Legends” presents songs where Hallur is singing and playing with The Bellamy Brothers, Kris Kristofferson, Charley Pride, Bobby Bare, Dawn Sears, Yohanna, G. Thomas, James Burton, Tanya Hencheroff , David Peterson & Woody Wright og Vince Gill & Sonja Isaacs.

Hallur’s first album, “Pickin’ Time in Nashville”, was released in 2008 and the second album, “Smile”, arrived in 2009. While these two were held in the English languge, reaching international hitlists and radiostations, as well as gaining heavy rotation at radiostations at home, the third release, “Enn stendur hurð mín opin” (2011), was for the home market only and held in Hallur’s mother tounge, Faroese.

Although different in their aims, all three albums were all time bestsellers, each reaching highest sales ever for a cd on the local market.

Original writers for Hallur have been Jákup Zachariassen, who also produced the four albums, Niclas Johannesen, Lena Anderssen and Kristoffer Mørkøre.

Last weekend Hallur Joensen and band was heading the second edition of the Country and Blues Festival at Sørvágur of the Faroe Islands, next to the airport of Vágar. At the Faroese festival Hallur brought on stage with him Jákup Zachariassen, steel, Finnur Hansen, keyboard, Jóan P. ‘Beddi’ Hansen, guitar, Eyðun Johannesen, bass, Høgni Klakstein, drums and Kristina Bærendsen, backing vocals.

This year Hallur will tour Norway and later travel overseas to join his friends the Bellamy Brothers live on stage at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, Tennessee.

In a new agreement the company FOMusic Management is representing Hallur Joensen internationally. Two other names of FOMusic Management’s rooster are Jens Marni Hansen, who opened for Bon Jovi in Copenhagen, Denmark in June, and classic country singer Evi Tausen, presenting the National Anthem at the Faroese-Irish football match, qualifying for the world cup, European group C, in Dublin, Ireland this summer.

Now tune in for Hallur this summer!

Listen to the new single «Send Me A Letter Amanda»:

Read more at Hallur’s webpage here

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