The Best Voice On Nashville’s Broadway; Taria!

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Nashville, Tennessee – May 19, 2013 – I would like to introduce you to a woman with one of the best voice on Nashville’s Broadway. Taria is a local singer that has been working hard at making a name for herself by playing in local honky tonks and casinos. She released her debut album ‘Everybody Wants Some’ a year ago and the reactions have been amazing.

Taria made her Grand Ole Opry debut back in 1998, at the age of 15, when she introduced herself to, one of her idols, Lorrie Morgan. “I told Lorrie I was a huge fan. Got a picture and an autograph and told her I was also a singer. Then she asked me “Why don’t you sing us a little song?” and so I did. I sang a verse and chorus of Patsy Montana’s yodeling song ” I Wanna Be A Cowboy’s Sweetheart”. She then went ahead and arranged for Taria to sing the song right there on the historic stage. “One of the greatest nights of my life!”, Taria calls it.

Fast forward several years and here she is; a great entertainer that interacts with the crowd. She can walk off stage while singing and go out to shake hands and take pictures. “I love people and enjoy making them happy. I love the personal connection I feel with my audience and it feels so natural to be on stage. I truly appreciate the reaction of the people when they let me know that they’re having as much fun watching and listening as I am singing and performing!”

Taria’s debut album, ‘Everybody Wants Some’, took two years and four months to make. Her ‘labor of love’, as she calls it, shows off her beautiful voice on songs written by well known writers as Rivers Rutherford, Tom Shapiro, Mark Nesler, Jennifer Hanson and Tony Martin. The album also features a song written by Gretchen Wilson. It’s a combination of classic country music with a bit of rock. “My fans & I have came up with a term to describe my music & our live shows it’s called «Crock» which means Country+ Rock =Tariastyle. We have been working feverishly on getting this new record to the public. We’ve had such a great response from everyone who has heard my original music and we continue to get it to those who have never heard of me or my album. Very challenging without a major deal. As any business, having the right funding makes all the difference in the world. We are limited right now but always searching for the right sponsor’s and help in getting it to the public reaching the masses.”

The second video from her album, “You’re gonna have to come to me”, was released a few weeks ago and has brought more listeners to the website and ultimately to the live shows. “This video was so much fun. I enjoyed getting to make it with my live bandmates. We are discussing plans for another video but no decision has been made as to which song we’ll be focusing on”.

You can catch Taria and her band playing several honky tonks in downtown Nashville. She plays Whiskey Bent Saloon Monday and Wednesday nights and has now also managed to get a spot at Tequila Cowboy’s Friday afternoon.

A complete new venture is Ibiza Nashville Night Club where you can catch Taria on Thursdays. It’s a brand new club in Brentwood, one of Nashville’s suburbs,  and a new night for her to also expand her fanbase and reach new listeners. Within the next few weeks, The Ibiza Club will be adding camera’s to broadcast  shows live on Youtube, so fans from all over the world can meet and hear her.

You can also catch her at The Hard Rock Casino in Tulsa, Oklahoma where she’s been performing for almost 5 years. “We always enjoy our time with my Okie friends and fans. And we are always looking for ways to broaden our fanbase and performing live is the number one way to do that. We are currently looking at adding some new venues clubs & casinos to our schedule”.

“Everybody Wants Some” Tracklist:

1. Who’s Cryin Now
2. Parading In Your Rain
3. You’re Gonna Have To Come To Me
4. In a Love Like This
5. Everytime
6. Same Dog
7. Everybody Wants Some
8. I Call It Gone
9. Next Big Thing
10. Heaven Help Me

To order Taria’s debut album go to iTunes, Amazon, & at her online store at

To see Taria play go check out one of her shows!

The show time for Ibiza Nashville Night Club is every Thurs night: (9pm-10:30pm) The Ibiza Club is located @ 15128 Old Hickory Blvd Nashville, TN 37211.

Whiskey Bent Saloon is every Mon & Wed night (6pm-10pm) 306 Broadway Nashville, Tn 37201 I’ll be back playing @ The Hardrock Casino in Tulsa, Oklahoma June 20-21-22

Marloes Lucy Duizer

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